Artists Statement

to find meaning, to question myself, to question others, to question beliefs held too firmly. I write to question fear and to unravel insecurities that can turn into rock-solid absolutes. I write to add breath and humor to suffocating arguments. I write to communicate and organize my passion, to formulate credible arguments, and to clean-up confused thinking. I write to have a long sustained dialogue with the Self, an uninterrupted one-on-one, a spiritual moment not dependent on God, a synagogue, a guru, a virgin birth, or any other convention.


I write about magic, yoga, food, fetishes, overpowering friendships, debilitating depression, cooking with children, my marriage, inheritance and loss, planned deaths, accidental pregnancies, weddings that lead to divorces, affairs that lead to marriages, and such things as the physiological effects of crying. 


I explore topics from the inside out and from the bottom to the top with science, music, pop-culture, history, philosophy, psychology, poetry, religion, and anything that I find that deepens my understanding. My writing is a practice, an exploration that I
serve with deep abiding faith.


I write