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There's a light in each of us that is free from suffering...

Last week, I had a piece published in 34th Parallel, a beautiful online journal out of Paris. The piece entitled, My Love Affair With The Art of Marita Dingus, is essentially a piece about Dingus whom I've followed for nearly 30 years. I love her art, art making, and the fact that she uses recycled materials to make beautiful things as she wakes us up to issues of race, class, history, gender, and waste. Cork Face (right) is one of the pieces that I wrote about. If you are interested in Dingus's work, you can check out more at the Traver Gallery,

Earlier this week, I picked up a copy of The Stranger and read my horoscope which is reprinted below. If you do not know Rob Brezsny's work , you may want to check it out. For years I have consulted with Brezsny weekly on Wednesdays when the paper comes out. Last week was ironic...

LEO (July 23-Aug 22): Sportswear manufacturer Adidas is looking for ways to repurpose trash that humans dump in the oceans. One of its creations is a type of shoe made from illegal deep-sea nets that have been confiscated from poachers. I invite you to get inspired by Adidas's work. From an astrological perspective, now is a good time to expand and refine your personal approach to recycling. Brainstorm about how you could convert waste and refuse into useful, beautiful resources—not just literally, but also metaphorically. For example, is there a ruined or used-up dream that could be transformed into raw material for a shiny new dream?

Okay, I'm not saying anything about Adidas repurposing of trash dumped in the ocean, but I did enjoy the moment of irony. And, the fact that this horoscope came out the week my Dingus piece was published. I love the idea of second and third use of things. I like the idea of buying quality and keeping things forever. And, I'm also aware that this idea is more than a little priviledged. Most people in the world cannot afford the cost of items destined to become heirlooms. I wonder how we will get out of the cycle of hyper consumption that is foisted on us every single day. Not a single day goes by that I do not have an overwhelming desire for something that has been advertised to me on FB, gmail, or any of the places that I visit on the web. Advertising and the push to make us want more stuff is everywhere. I have no idea of how to get off this ride.

As many of you know, I'm closing my yoga studio at the end of the month. My commitment is to write. I want to host adult art classes. I want to be a keyboard activist. The studio will become the site of the Queen Anne Writers Studio. If you are interested in writing classes or writing events, stay tuned. I'm going to make a resolution to publish a blog a week. Something short. Hopefully interesting. Nothing too deep. But, nothing too light either. The title for my blog next week is, I Wrote about Sex and My 86 year Old Mother Told Me to Write about Heroin. Stay tuned if this is of interest.

Om peace be with you, Shanti Shalom!

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